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GamePop Console Promises iOS Games on Your TV

BlueStacks wants to deliver a lot more than Android apps to your TV. The startup has announced that its GamePop console, launching this winter, will also bring many popular iOS games to your living room. Apple's systems and software are notoriously locked down, so it comes as a surprise that users will be able to free their favorite games from their iPhone or iPad.

GamePop is able to run iOS games thanks to a piece of software called Looking Glass. Unlike a traditional emulator, which attempts to mirror a different computer or console's entire run-time environment, Looking Glass is able to mimic Apple's iOS APIs. This allows iOS apps to run on top of console's the Android system without recreating Apple's entire mobile OS infrastructure.

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Rather than a traditional app store model, where users pay for each individual game, GamePop is offering unlimited gaming for a low monthly fee. The system works a lot like Netflix; users will need to pay $6.99 per month to get unlimited access to all titles available for the console. BlueStacks says that there will be 500 games available at launch, including titles from popular developers like Halfbrick, Gameloft and Subatomic studios.

Many of the details about this upcoming console are still unclear. While there's no solid release date yet, the company says that users can expect the console sometime this winter, which might make the device a popular holiday gift. The final design of the device, and details about a controller, are still unclear.

Although Bluestacks has mock up design on its website, which looks strikingly similar to the Boxee Box, there's no controller in sight. Whether we'll see a smartphone app that turns your phone into a controller or a physical controller, is up in the air.

The GamePop device will compete in the market with the Ouya console, which for now is limited to Android games. That device promises 133 titles and is available for pre-order for $99.

via The Verge