CBS News Reporters Experience Office Depot Lying First-Hand

We're still following the story of deceptive retail practices at Office Depot. Today, we saw that David Goldstein of CBS 2 news, the local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles,  has aired his own report and posted it on the station's site. Goldstein sent a pair of reporters shopping with a hidden camera at an Office Depot in La Crescenta, CA. The first reporter went into the store and asked to buy two different notebooks, but was told they were out of stock after he refused to purchase an extended warranty. A few minutes later, a second reporter entered, asked to purchase the same notebook along with the warranty and filmed as they brought the notebook out of the stock room. Several days later, they repeated the experiment, with the same results. After attempting to speak with the store manager and being escorted out of the store, Goldstein called Office Depot corporate who told him:

"A manager at that store was providing guidance for offering warranties that was inconsistent with the company's practices. We have taken appropriate actions, including the termination of the store manager. We have no reason to believe that this conduct is occurring at any other locations."

Goldstein's crew visited several other Office Depots in Southern California but were not lied to at any of those locations. Unfortunately, at LAPTOP, we have seen plenty of reason to believe that this conduct is occurring at Office Depots all over the United States. While we were unable to replicate the problem at two Office Depots we tried, we have interviewed current or former employees from five different regions of the U.S. who told us these practices were common in their regions and that both store managers and regional managers were involved. Via: CBS 2

Avram Piltch
Online Editorial Director
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