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ASUS CFO Reports Sluggish Windows 8 Sales

Let the doom-and-gloom predictions begin. According to David Chang, the chief financial officer for ASUS, sales of Windows 8 notebooks have been slow. "Demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now," he said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. ASUS currently offers a number of Windows 8-powered devices, including the S56CA and the Zenbook UX51Vz. Chang declined to give specific sales figures for these notebooks.

Acer has also been caught bemoaning sluggish Windows 8 sales. In an internal memo, an Acer manager noted that a mere 20 percent of shelf space is devoted to touch screen notebooks. Acer executives have previously gone on record as saying that they were unsure of customers' response to Microsoft's new OS. Like ASUS, Acer declined to discuss sales figures for its Windows 8 notebooks such as the Aspire S7 and the Aspire M5.

Some analysts are quick to point out that other factors besides the operating system may account for Windows 8's slow start. To begin with, argues Daiwa analyst Christine Wang, the touch screens used in Windows 8 notebooks remains relatively expensive compared to non-capacitive displays. Wang expects that demand for Windows 8 should increase as the cost of components like the touch screen come down.