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101 Social Networking Tips

Social networking has many different purposes. It's about getting breaking news in real time, finding jobs (and helping others do the same), sharing photos with long-lost friends, and checking in to restaurants and other businesses to share tips and get deals. People of all ages are using such sites and apps as Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yelp to stay connected and get ahead, whether it’s on their laptops, smart phones, or tablets.

While you can learn a lot by just poking around these social networks, we gathered plenty of hidden tricks and insider secrets that can improve the experience, protect your privacy, and more. So use these tips and tricks and get the most out of the new social landscape.


From taking control of your privacy settings and mastering messaging to downloading friends’ photos and getting to know Places, here’s everything you need to know to become a Facebook pro.

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With 175 Million registered users and 95 million tweets written per day, Twitter has fast become the go to source for sharing news and information. On Twitter you can follow others and they can follow you, allowing you to engage in both direct messaging and messaging to the world.

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LinkedIn is the leading business-oriented social networking site. If you’re interested in making professional connections with other people in your industry that could lead to future work or partnerships, LinkedIn is the place to be.

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This location-based service uses your smart phone to track where you shop, eat, relax, and have fun. It can also help you keep you in touch with fellow community explorers, point out new places to hang out, and help you earn discounts on clothing, drinks, meals, and more.

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Tumblr is a microblogging site that blends the best aspects of traditional blogs and social networks. While posts don't have character restrictions, the community encourages short, quick updates that can consist of text or just photos, videos, or links.

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Want to know where your friends are eating and spending their hard-earned money? Yelp lets you find and dish the dirt on the best deals and hottest places to eat based on what your friends are saying. Since its launch, users have written more than 15 million reviews, nearly 30 percent of which were about restaurants.

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If you’re an avid photographer or a rabid photo organizer, or if you just love looking through photo albums, Flickr is the social network for you. It’s the most widely used free online photo sharing service, thanks to its user-friendly organization tools and straightforward tagging system.

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