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Cortana for Windows Phone: Top 5 Features

In Microsoft's first-person shooter "Halo," the character Cortana is a female A.I. companion that guides you through the battlefield. In real life, she's about to become Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Now.

25 Best Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone still may be trailing iOS and Android, but Microsoft's mobile-app library is growing every day, and currently includes more than 500,000 apps.

The 10 Best Calendar Apps

Keeping track of your scheduleisn'talways as easy as it should be. Between Facebook, Google and your phone's stock calendar, it's not surprising that some appointments just get lost in the shuffle.

LinkedIn to Acquire Pulse News Reader App In $50M-$100M Deal

Career networking site LinkedIn plans to purchase the news reader app Pulse, sources familiar with the negotiations said on Tuesday according to AllThingsD. The acquisition will reportedly cost LinkedIn between $50 million and $100 million..

Nokia Announces Exclusive Lumia Windows Phone Apps at CTIA

In terms of apps, Windows Phone might be profoundly lagging behind both Android and iOS, but Nokia is helping the platform along. At CTIA Wireless 2012, the company announced a barrage of new app partnerships for its Lumia Windows Phone devices..

Skype Beta for Windows Phone Hands-on: Worth the Wait?

The wait is over for Skype/Windows Phone users. Previously, Windows Phone was one of the few devices on the market without a dedicated Skype app, which was more than a little ironic since Microsoft recently acquired Skype in a $8.5 billion deal.

Top 20 Apps for the Holidays

It's that time of year, when we trade the anxieties of daily life for a whole different set of pressures. From the horrors of shopping malls and interstate traffic to awkward conversations with that...

What Would You Do With a Million Smartphone Apps?

iTunes is telling me that I currently own 337 apps. Seriously. I've arranged them into neat little folders on my phone--it's a great way to intimidate that pesky friend who always grabs my device to ...

18 Great Mobile Shopping Apps

Holiday shopping is inevitably stressful. Between choosing the perfect gift, buying it in time, and remembering everyone on your list, there's plenty to fret about.

Navigon for Windows Phone 7 Offers GPS Navigation for Introductory Price of $29.99

Just because you've got a Windows Phone 7 device, it doesn't mean you're wedded to Bing Maps forever. Today, Navigon launched the first on-board, turn-by-turn navigation app for the Windows Phone 7 pl...