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How to Use Google Voice on Your Smartphone

Google Voice may not get much attention from Google these days, but it's still a great service. Google Voice gives you a phone number to use that, when called, will ring any of your phones -- work, home, mobile, you name it.

10 Tips For Using Google Voice

One of Google's most useful services is Google Voice, which provides users with one number where their friends, clients, and colleagues can always reach them. This is great news for anyone who's s...

Text For Free: 8 Apps That Stick it to Your Carrier

Tired of dealing with high cell phone bills every month? Call, text and data quickly racks up the bill, and with more than 100 million smartphone owners in the U.S., they're sure to feel a little pain...

12 Things Android Can Do That the iPhone Can't...And How to Do Them

A lot of people think Android phones are outselling the iPhone because there are just more companies making them. That's true, but Google's OS also actually does some neat and compelling stuff that Apple's iOS doesn't.

How To Use Google Voice On Android

Almost anyone you talk to who uses Google Voice swears by it. It lets you consolidate your home, office, and mobile numbers into one, transcribes voicemails, screens calls, and includes free text messages.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Google Voice On Your Sprint Phone

Today, Sprint and Google announced that the carrier's customers with CDMA phones will soon be able to use their existing numbers with Google Voice. This is good news for anyone who wants to take advan...

Google Officially Launches Google Voice Porting

Last week we reported that Google began testing a new feature to allow users to port their current cell phone number over to Google Voice. Well, consider that testing done.

Should You Port Your Number to Google Voice?

Ever since Google purchased GrandCentral and rebranded it Google Voice, the VoIP calling service hasquietlybecome one of the company's most innovative and useful communication products. It forwards ...

Google Voice for iPhone Hands-On: Better Than Nothing, But Android is Better

Finally, Google Voice has come to the iPhone. After more than a year of tears, gnashing of teeth, and snarky recriminations. The app has already garnered over 1,200 ratings in the App Store and the co...

Hands-On With Gmail VoIP: Gmail Adds The Kitchen Sink

When Gmail rolled out its chat sidebar back in 2006, it seemed like a pretty wild curve ball for a company that's made such things their bread and butter. .