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Skype for iPhone Review

This intuitive free application allows iPhone owners to make crisp and clear calls over Wi-Fi.

Verizon Hub Review

This VoIP device offers a lot more features than a traditional digital phone service, but Verizon's first effort is a bit rough around the edges.

Hands-On With iRiver's Wave Phone and Multimedia Communication Device

We had a chance to check out iRiver's latest offerings here at CES, including the WAVE Internet Phone and the Wave Home Multimedia Communication Device. .

Nimbuzz Mobile (Beta) Review

This hassle-free mobile application turns your cell into a VoIP phone and instant messaging portal.

magicJack Inventor Responds to Customer Service Complaints

magicJack is a point of contention for many users who've decided to give the low-cost telephony service a shot since its launch in late 2007. While many of have hailed it as a great, low-cost telephon...

Skype 4.0 Far from Ideal on a Mini-Notebook

There isn't a mini-notebook that lands in my hands on which I don't run Skype. So to say I was excited when I read my friend Andy Abramson's post on the new release of Skype 4.0 (Beta) is an understatement.

magicJack Inventor Plans Linux Support, Improved Customer Service, and More

Last week, we took a second look at the magicJack to see what new features found its way into the device since our initial magicJack review in the fall of 2007. Today we pick the brain of magicJack's ...

Jabra GN9350 Review

Laptop Magazine reviews Jabra GN9350, designed for office use, this headset leaves us wanting more in terms of voice quality and design.

Plantronics .Audio 920 Bluetooth Headset Review

A review of Plantronics .Audio 920 Bluetooth Headset, this versatile Bluetooth headset can be used at a computer or with a mobile phone.

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset Review

Laptop Magazine reviews Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset