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Skype for iPad Hands-On: Big-Screen Video Calls Try to Rival FaceTime

You can add the iPad 2 to the list of gadgets that work with popular video chat software Skype. Armed with the recently announced Skype app for iPad application, the company is now up and running on a...

Facebook Video Calling Hands-On: How Good Is It?

Mark Zuckerberg's "awesome" announcement that Facebook was integrating Skype video chat into its existing chat feature was one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory; reports of the feature had al...

Facebook Unveils Video Chatting Feature with Skype Integration

Facebook has officially announced that it is going to begin offering a video chat feature through Skype to its 750 million users. The service will not require users to download Skype, but will run as a plug-in through Facebook.

Facebook to Integrate Skype Video Chat Next Week

This week, Mark Zuckerberg told reporters that Facebook would be unveiling an "awesome" product next week and followed through by inviting reporters to a July 6th launch event. Now, if Michael Arringt...

12 Things Android Can Do That the iPhone Can't...And How to Do Them

A lot of people think Android phones are outselling the iPhone because there are just more companies making them. That's true, but Google's OS also actually does some neat and compelling stuff that Apple's iOS doesn't.

How To Use Google Voice On Android

Almost anyone you talk to who uses Google Voice swears by it. It lets you consolidate your home, office, and mobile numbers into one, transcribes voicemails, screens calls, and includes free text messages.

Microsoft Scoops Up Skype for $8.5 Billion, Coming to Windows Phone, Outlook, and Kinect

The most popular Internet calling service in the world now belongs to Steve Ballmer. Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Google Voice On Your Sprint Phone

Today, Sprint and Google announced that the carrier's customers with CDMA phones will soon be able to use their existing numbers with Google Voice. This is good news for anyone who wants to take advan...

Help Me, LAPTOP: I Want To Upgrade My Video Chat Capabilities

Integrated webcams have become standard on almost every laptop, which is great not only for people who make lip-syncing videos on YouTube, but also for families who want to stay connected across lon...

Google Officially Launches Google Voice Porting

Last week we reported that Google began testing a new feature to allow users to port their current cell phone number over to Google Voice. Well, consider that testing done.