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Intel Product Manager Talks SSDs

When we heard that Intel was entering the storage market with its own SSD drives, we were intrigued. When we first got specs and model name for Intel's mainstream notebook drive, the X25-M , at IDF we...

Intel X25-M Solid State Drive Review

Final verdict on the Intel X25-M SSD

Intel Reveals SSDs Galore

The most exciting thing going on at the Intel Developer's Forum this morning is the release of details on Intel's two new lines of solid state drives. .

In-Depth with the OCZ Core Series Low-Cost SSD

Last week, we got our hands on a 64GB OCZ Core Series SSD and posted our initial findings, which were pretty encouraging. After an additional week and dozens of tests performed on the Core Series and ...

OCZ Core Series Affordable SSD Hands-On

We all know that It's only a matter of time before the last mechanical hard drive whirs its way into a landfill mound, right next to a Tandy cassette drive and a giant pile of Zip disks. But we're all...