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What's the Best SSD? 5 Drives Tested

If you haven't yet replaced your notebook's old-fashioned mechanical hard drive with a speedy solid state drive, you're in luck. Even as performance continues to improve, the cost of a 240 to 25...

Red Self-Destruct Button Toasts Solid-State Hard Drive

It's a hard drive only a spy, or possibly a pyromaniac, could love. The InVincible series of solid-state hard drives made by Chinese manufacturer RunCore have two dramatic optional security features,...

Micron Announces RealSSD C400 Drive Coming in mSATA Form Factor

Micron has long been a major player in the Solid State Drive space, releasing the speedy RealSSD C300 back in 2010 and the second-gen RealSSD C400 last year.

SATA III SSD Showdown: Which Solid State Drive is Fastest?

It's no secret that replacing your notebook's hard drive with a solid state disk can dramatically transform your computing experience. With even last year's SSDs, tasks such as opening large fil...

IDF 2011 Preview: It's All About the Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks--a new class of super-thin, long-lasting notebooks--are set to arrive at any moment and we couldn't be more excited. This new category is guaranteed to steal the show next week at the Intel Developer's Conference.

Help Me, LAPTOP: How Do I Move Windows 7 to My New SSD?

Some say the best thing you can do for yourself is get a massage or start an exercise program or go on a (gasp) diet, but if you really wanna improve your life, get an SSD. Reader Osama plans to buy a...

Samsung Announces 830 Series SSD, First with SATA 6Gb/s

Add another player to the high-speed, SATA 6 Gb/s SSD game. Today, Samsung unveiled its 830 Series SSD, the flash memory king's second entry into the consumer solid state drive market, but its first t...

Help Me, LAPTOP: I Need an SSD Under $200

We've long-maintained that there is no better way to speed up your notebook than replacing that old mechanical hard drive with a Solid State Drive. In fact, we've seen application open times improve 2...

Get an SSD, You Putz!

If you're one of the enlightened individuals who has a solid state drive in your computer, stop reading this and go do something nice for yourself. You've earned it.

Intel SSD 320 (300GB) Review

A strong combination of security, reliability, and performance makes the Intel SSD 320 a compelling choice for upgraders.