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From the ever-popular iPhone to Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets, LAPTOP reviews the best smartphones of 2015 to help you compare models and determine which smartphone to buy. We also help you make the most of your handset by picking the best smartphone apps and accessories while providing helpful tips.

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Yezz's Billy 4.7 Takes on Nokia Lumia 635 With Sleek Build, Better Specs

LAS VEGAS - Nokia better watch its back. A new, little-known phone maker could shake up the Windows Phone market, loosening the Finnish company's hold at the top. Miami-based Yezz launched its Bil...

Vertu Signature Touch Review

Dripping in luxury and bundled with your very own (human) concierge, the Vertu Signature Touch is the smartphone for the uber-rich.

How Much is Your iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c Worth Now?

With the announcement of a new iPhone version just days away -- assuming you believe all the hype and rumormongering -- then now's as good as time as any to start thinking about what to do with your current iPhone. .

T-Mobile Guarantees Best Trade-In Smartphone Deals

Apple's anticipated announcement of the iPhone 6 and the flood of people expecting to upgrade, lots of folks are wondering what to do with their existing smartphone.

Galaxy Alpha Hands-On: Samsung's Metal Answer to iPhone

BERLIN - Samsung's head-turning Galaxy Gear Edge and Gear VR devices made a big splash at IFA 2014, but buried beneath the hype was the sleek Galaxy Alpha phone lying unassumingly the show floor. ...

Huawei Ascend G7 Provides Style and Sensibility

BERLIN -- Especially at big events like IFA 2014, it can seem like every new smartphone is out to completely dominate the market. Phones like the Ascend G7 from Huawei remind us that sometimes, it'...

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 Hands-On: 2-Day Battery Life

BERLIN--Chinese smartphone maker Huawei tends to go big with its flagship phones, and the Ascend Mate 7 is no exception. In addition to a crisp, full HD display and a blazing octa-core processor, t...

Nokia Lumia 830 Preview: An Affordable Flagship We Want

BERLIN - It's easy to mistake Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 for a premium smartphone because it looks like one -- but it won't be priced like one. Sporting a silver-brushed build, the upcoming midrang...

Galaxy Note 4 vs. Note Edge vs. Note 3: Worth Upgrading?

Long live the phablet! Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 seems ready to take the big-phone baton from the Galaxy Note 3 and run with it. The new model keeps the familiar 5.7-inch size but upgrades the resol...

Top 10 iPhone 5 Wallet Cases

Most people want their phone and wallet with them at all times. But isn't it always better to travel with less than with more? What if you could combine your phone and wallet? There are many case options available on the market.