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From the ever-popular iPhone to Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets, LAPTOP reviews the best smartphones of 2015 to help you compare models and determine which smartphone to buy. We also help you make the most of your handset by picking the best smartphone apps and accessories while providing helpful tips.

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LG G3 (Unlocked) Review

LG's G3 boasts a super-sharp QHD display, a fast laser-focus camera and improved design, making it a very strong Android flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (AT&T) Review

The Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T is a durable and water-resistant phone that delivers all the best features of the S5 along with extra protection.

HTC One M8 (AT&T) Review

The HTC One M8 boasts a sexy metal chassis and silky-smooth performance, making it one of the best smartphones money can buy.

HTC One M8 (T-Mobile) Review

The HTC One M8 for T-Mobile packs a gorgeous display, slick Duo Camera and all-day battery life into today's sexiest looking smartphone.

Motorola Moto E Review

Motorola's $129 Moto E is a durable and customizable Android phone at a fraction of the cost of leading handsets, but it's missing some features.

LG Lucid 3 Review

The LG Lucid 3 delivers long battery life and useful features for a budget price.

HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon Edition (Sprint) Review

HTC adds Harman/Kardon audio technology to the One M8's gorgeous design, excellent battery life and powerful performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (T-Mobile) Review

The Galaxy S5 packs a gorgeous display, enhanced camera and long-lasting battery into a water-resistant chassis, making it one of the best smartphones ever.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint) Review

Samsung's Galaxy S5 offers an excellent display, solid performance and a superior camera in a water-resistant shell, but its 4G performance is lacking.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) Review

Samsung's Galaxy S5 combines a gorgeous display, improved camera and water-resistant design to make it one of the best smartphones in the world.