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From the ever-popular iPhone to Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets, LAPTOP reviews the best smartphones of 2015 to help you compare models and determine which smartphone to buy. We also help you make the most of your handset by picking the best smartphone apps and accessories while providing helpful tips.

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iOS 8: Top 12 New Features

When Tim Cook called iOS 8 a giant release, he wasn't kidding. The newest version of Apple's mobile operating system, available now, features a number of improvements to notifications, the TouchID sen...

New Samsung Phone Could Be King of Selfies

As if there weren't enough Galaxy variations, Samsung appears to be readying a made-for-selfies version of its Galaxy Grand phone. Noted by Android Authority, pictures and specs of the Galaxy G...

HTC One Remix Review

The HTC One Remix offers a luxurious design that's easy to use with one hand, powerful speakers and a good camera.

8 Ways to Slash Your Cellphone Bill

A high cellphone bill has become a staple of modern life for most people, alongside rising gas costs and the dreaded home cable bill. The average wireless subscriber pays $61.15 per month for service,...

Best iPhone 6 Trade-In Deals: Carriers Compared

With the impending release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (starting at $199 and $299, respectively), it seems like new options for iPhone users with older models are popping up each day. Not to be ...

How to Wipe Personal Data from Your Smartphone

Credit: Gualberto Becerra/Shutterstock So you've just bought a new phone. You want to sell your old phone, but you're worried about the buyer finding personal information on it. That's smart -...

iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Start Now: How to Get Yours

The wait is over. That shiny new iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) you've been clamoring for is finally available for pre-order, allowing you to secure one of Apple's bigger, sleeker and faster smartphones right ...

Motorola Moto G (2014) Review

Sporting a comfy design and a crisp 5-inch display, the unlocked Motorola Moto G offers a quality Android experience on the cheap.

GIV Mobile Gives Away Blue Phone and Charitable Donations

GIV Mobile, the most humanitarian and generous of the smartphone carriers, is ready to bring you a unique Android smartphone in the Blu Advance 4.0. You can pick up this Android 4.2-powered handset for free, if you buy two-months of service..

Motorola Moto X (2014) Review

The Motorola Moto X offers powerful performance, a stunning display and compelling voice commands in a head-turning design.