Samsung Galaxy S5

Meet Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. This 5.2-inch Android handset is packed with practical tools. An all-new high-speed camera captures photos in a flash. There's a heart-rate sensor for instant workout feedback and a fingerprint reader that safeguards important files and photos. For a full run-down of Galaxy S5 reviews, features and news, start right here.

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MWC 2014 Highlights Day 2: Top 9 Stories

Sure Samsung drew back the veil on the Galaxy S5 smartphone and a new trio of smart watches, but the day did not belong exclusively to the Taiwanese manufacturer. HP joined in on the action with a wallet-friendly laptop-hybrid.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 5 Features

Less is more. That seems to be the theme of the Galaxy S5. Samsung's new flagship Android phone has plenty of new features, but the company purposely took a more focused approach this time around. As ...

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5s

Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy have long been fighting to be the best premium handset on the market, and Samsung is starting the next round in style with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs vs the Competition: Top Smartphones Compared

Samsung's hotly anticipated Galaxy S5 is here, and it will make you drool. With a new iPhone 5s-like fingerprint scanner and a beefed up 16-MP rear camera, the Galaxy S5 looks set to be a champion among its peers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4: What's New?

Samsung has a big job on its hands -- improving on the Galaxy S4, a device that to date has sold over 40 million units. It seems that the company is on the right track with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands-on: Killer Camera, Built-in Heart Monitor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a flagship smartphone that focuses less on gimmicks (scrolling with your eyes) and more on innovations you'll use more often. Unveiled at Mobile World Congress here in Barce...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors: Specs, Features and More

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched in the spring of 2013, which means that it's time to start dreaming up what could be next for the tech giant's flagship phone. The S4 continues to dominate the mobile ...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Home Button May Read Your Fingerprint

Samsung's next flagship smartphone could come with a fingerprint sensor built directly into its home button -- just like Apple's iPhone 5s. A new report claims to confirm that the Galaxy S5 will featu...

Mobile World Congress 2014: 5 Things to Expect

Mobile World Congress 2014 is just under two weeks away, but we've already got a good idea of what we'll be seeing when we land in Spain. From new flagship smartphones courtesy of Samsung and HTC to a...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs and Software Possibly Revealed

Samsung hasn't unveiled its Galaxy S5 just yet, but we're already getting a preview of what its software and hardware could entail. Just weeks before Samsung is expected to announce its next flagship,...