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10 Must-Have Laptop Features for 2015

Up until around 2010, both consumers and businesses could be counted on to upgrade their laptops every three years on average, because technology changed so quickly that anything older than that felt ...

Go Directly to Fail: Worst Tech Product Ideas Ever

Spray-on hair. New Coke. Pat Boone's heavy metal album. Some products are such bad ideas that some executive must have been snorting canned air before letting them out the door. Unfortunately, hardw...

10 Gadgets You'd Be a Fool to Buy Right Now

In the '80s, you had a shiny new Betamax player, a couple of years after VHS came out. In the '90s, you spent top dollar for a Sega Dreamcast, only to watch the platform crumble.

10 Worst Bloatware Apps and How to Remove Them

Your Android or Windows Phone handset comes preloaded with dozens of powerful apps. Unfortunately, in a cynical ploy to make money at your expense, carriers and manufacturers also dump loads of bloatware on your smartphone.

15 Best Keyboard Shortcuts You're Not Using

Every time you lift your hand off the keyboard and reach for your mouse or touchpad, you're wasting precious seconds.That's why I use keyboard shortcuts for everything on my PC. Not only are key com...

6 Reasons the iPhone 6 Has Already Lost

With Apple's next smartphone still months away, fans have been gobbling up iPhone 6 rumors faster than Pac-Man on a power pill bender. However, even the hottest rumor mill in tech can't turn this device into a winner.

6 Reasons the Galaxy S5 Beats the iPhone 5s

Comparing Samsung's Galaxy S5 to Apple's iPhone 5s is like pitting the Tesla Model S against the Ford Model T. From its more capable camera to its cutting-edge fitness features, Samsung's new flagship...

Glasshole or Not? 7 Urgent Ethical Dilemmas for Wearable Tech

Every truly disruptive technological advance leads to its own set of ethics standards . Who worried about interrupting someone's dinner or overpaying for psychic friends before Alexander Graham Bell i...

6 Things Microsoft's New CEO Must Do to Save Windows

It's official. Microsoft has named longtime executive Satya Nadella its next CEO. The former VP of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise takes over a company facing greater challenges than at any point in hi...

Top 10 Tech Trends of 2014

In 2013, we saw a number of exciting tech products emerge. Some seem like they're here to stay (like fitness trackers and smart watches) while others look like flashes in the pan (see Android gaming consoles).