CES 2014

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First See-Through Tablet Changes the Way You Type

Transparent tablets may seem like a futuristic concept, but the idea isn't as far off as you may think. Meet Grippity, an Android tablet with a transparent display that lets you interact with the ...

CES 2014 Highlights Day 5: Top 10 Stories

Things got a little weird and wacky as CES 2014 began to slow down a little. We saw a smartphone case that can see your heat signature and one that harnesses the electromagnetic energy of cell ways to...

Best Tablets of CES 2014

At this year's CES, tablets evolved before our very eyes from pure consumption devices to laptop replacements that are great for productivity. Another new slate teaches kids how to get into social networking (safely).

Hampoo Launches Glasses-Free 3D Tablet with Bay Trail CPU

We've seen glasses-free 3D on tablets before, and it hasn't always worked out. However, Shenzen-based brand Hampoo seems to have figured out the formula. The company launched a Bay Trail-powered 3D ...

Best of CES 2014 Awards

Mobile innovations came in all sizes at CES 2014. A huge 12.2-inch Android tablet wowed us with its ability to run four apps at once on screen, and a compact smartphone debuted with specs just as beefy as any phablet flagship.

CES 2014 Highlights Day 4: Top 7 Stories

The show floor is still alive and buzzing with excitement at CES 2014. Our editors and writers are fluttering about Las Vegas bringing you the hottest and most exciting gadgets and technologies, but w...

Panasonic Launches First 20-inch 4K Tablet

With apologies to Apple, Panasonic now has one of the highest-resolution tablets on the market. At CES 2014, Panasonic debuted its Toughpad 4K UT-MA6 tablet, whose 20-inch screen sports a resolution of 3840 x 2560 pixels.

Polaroid Kids Tablet 3 Offers Quad-Core Android Power for $129

Polaroid's Kids Tablet 2 started shipping toward the end of 2013, but the company has already announced a newer version of its child-friendly slate the K7. Expected to ship in Q1 2014, the 7-inch An...

CES 2014 Highlights Day 3: Top 7 Stories

You can't attend a tech smorgasbord as big as CES 2014 and not encounter dozens of new gadgets each day. Our experience in the last 24 hours reflects this.

MicroMax CanvasTab Hands-on: Sluggish Dual-Booting for $400

You got your Android in my Windows! You got your Windows in my Android! It looks like ASUS isn't the only company interested in dual-booting devices. Here at CES 2014, Micromax, an India-based compa...