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Top 10 High-Tech Hotels

Hotels have not always been known as beacons of the latest and greatest technological amenities. Business travelers everywhere have groaned in despair as they encounter superslow in-room Wi-Fi, antiqu...

Stay Connected Overseas: 5 Ways to Save Money

Between hotel costs, airfare, and dining out, overseas travel can get expensive quickly. But nothing can empty your wallet faster than calling home from halfway across the globe.

Companies Admit Their Achilles' Heel is Employees' Mobile Devices

Protecting critical corporate data that can be accessed through employees' mobile devices is an issue that continues to keep IT executives up at night. .

American Airlines Offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 For Use During Flight

Some very lucky passengers on select American Airlines flights will now have access to more than just in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline has teamed up with Samsung Mobile to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 6,000 planes later this year..

Keen's Airport Way Backpack Hands-On: Mobile Tech Bag for the Airport and the City

Keen's Airport Way backpack keeps you and your gear on the go. It puts notebook protection first, but it may get you through airport security a little faster too..

Hands On: eBags Perspective Laptop Mobile Office Gets Rolling

From mobile professionals to students with a heavy load, the eBags' Perspective Laptop Mobile Office is a hefty, sturdy bag for anyone constantly on the move, and carrying lots of gear. With its water...