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Top 10 High-Tech Hotels

Hotels have not always been known as beacons of the latest and greatest technological amenities. Business travelers everywhere have groaned in despair as they encounter superslow in-room Wi-Fi, antiqu...

Stay Connected Overseas: 5 Ways to Save Money

Between hotel costs, airfare, and dining out, overseas travel can get expensive quickly. But nothing can empty your wallet faster than calling home from halfway across the globe.

Airport Screeners to be Monitored for Radiation, TSA Says

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is looking to monitor the levels of radiation that its employees are exposed to from X-ray technology, including airport body scanners, a document from the agency says. .

Delta Offers Baggage-Tracking App with Free Wi-Fi

Lost bags are a traveler's nightmare. While Delta can't guarantee bags will arrive at on time and at the right airport, the company has launched a mobile app that lets customers track their bags from check-in to carousel..

Gadgets on Airplanes: Young Adults Want FAA Rule Changed

A new poll shows that younger people are far more likely to believe it's time for the Federal Aviation Administration to loosen its rule about turning off electronic devices before takeoff. .

Companies Admit Their Achilles' Heel is Employees' Mobile Devices

Protecting critical corporate data that can be accessed through employees' mobile devices is an issue that continues to keep IT executives up at night. .

Google Launches Sleek Flight Search Tool

Google has launched a sharp, seamless airline search tool called Google Flight Search that provides quick access to flight information and fares. To access the feature, users can go to

American Airlines Offers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 For Use During Flight

Some very lucky passengers on select American Airlines flights will now have access to more than just in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline has teamed up with Samsung Mobile to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 6,000 planes later this year..

NYC Unveils Plans to Become Top Digital City

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has unveiled a series of tech-centric and social media initiatives, from more Wi-Fi access to government apps, a Facebook page and even live chat access with city emp...

Appscars: Which is the Best Travel App? Voting Ends 2/18 at 9 a.m.

And the Appscar for Best Photography App goes Mobile! Today, however, we examine something completely different: travel apps. Based on your nominees, FlightTrack, GasBuddy, Kayak...