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New Intel 6th Gen vPro CPUs: What Businesses Should Know

While consumers have been enjoying Intel’s latest and greatest 6th generation CPUs since they launched last fall, the company hasn't rolled out its chips for business laptops, until now. However, t...

Dell's Latitude 13 7370 Laptop Makes Business Beautiful

For a long time, most business notebooks have had a boring black or gray aesthetic. However, in a world where sexy Surface Pros and sleek MacBooks have begun to dominate the boardroom, there’s no e...

10 Reasons Why Consumers Should Buy Business Laptops

Laptop makers take great pains to differentiate between their consumer- and professional-oriented product lines. But in many cases, home users would be better off if they ignored the marketing spin an...

Dell Chromebook 13 Uses Windows to Help You Get Work Done

The new Dell Chromebook 13 promises to be a workhorse for the hardest workers. Surprisingly, this $399 machine will be able to run both Chrome OS and Windows (through a remote desktop program). That m...

10 Most Stylish Laptop Bags for Women

Most traditional laptop bags were not built with women in mind. Generally speaking, most bags are generic, black, boring corporate drone-looking cases with little to no pizzazz. But that doesn't mean ...

BlackBerry Classic Review

The Classic hits all the right notes for BlackBerry diehards, with a comfortable keyboard and long endurance.

Logitech Type+ iPad Air Keyboard Case Review

The Logitech Type+ iPad Air keyboard case provides the best typing experience yet on an iPad keyboard.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 Review

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 causes a larger drop in performance compared to other starter antivirus suites, but it boasts excellent malware protection and a host of helpful utilities.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case Review

Belkin's premium iPad Air keyboard provides a handy backlight, detachable design, and can also be used with your phone.

BrydgeAir iPad Air Keyboard Case Review

The BrydgeAir provides a comfortable typing experience in an elegant design, but the speakers aren't worth the premium.