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CES 2011 Day Three Wrap Up: Top 10 Stories

In case you missed it, we got all the top headlines from CES 2011 in the last 24 hours. ...

Poynt Wins BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge, We Go Hands-on

Yesterday RIM named local search app Poynt as the winner of its BlackBerry "Super Apps" Developers Challenge competition. Culled from an original group of almost 400 entrants, the lucky Canadian developer also beat out 9 other finalists.

88 Time-Saving Tips & Apps

You work more than 40 hours per week. You never get enough sleep, or time with your kids. And forget about personal down time; you have none. And while there are big time sucks in your day-to-day rout...

Kik Chat Review

This BlackBerry app is a great tool for sending and receiving free text messages, but it's not without some limitations.

Skype Mobile for Verizon Wireless Saves Money But Has Limited Appeal

It won't let you get rid of that voice plan. You can't use it overseas. And you can't make video calls. So what does Skype Mobile do? It allows Android and BlackBerry owners on Verizon Wireless to mak...