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iRex DR800SG Review

This device has the ideal screen size for an eReader, but doesn't utilize it very well.

Entourage Edge Review

This Android-powered eReader and Tablet combo works well, but it's not yet fully baked.

Sony Reader Daily Edition Review

This pricey but touch-friendly eReader delivers a large screen, 3G connectivity, and an easy-to-use interface.

Amazon Kindle DX Review

The larger Kindle DX is a well rounded e-book optimized for reading textbooks and newspapers, but we wish it were less expensive.

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 is hands-down the best e-book yet, but we wish it cost less.

Amazon Kindle Review

It's expensive, but fast over-the-air downloads and a huge selection of titles make Amazon's e-book reader the best option yet.