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Amazon Kindle 3G Review

The newest refresh to the Kindle line is sleeker and slimmer with a better screen and more wireless options.

Pandigital Novel Review

What should you expect from a $199 color screen eReader? More than this.

Kobo Reader Review

This budget eReader is easy to use, but its features don't match the price.

Amazon Kindle DX (2010) Review

This large-screen eReader features an improved display and a lower price, but it still doesn't offer a robust enough experience for students.

Stanza Review

Stanza is one of the few eBook apps to support a large number of formats, giving it an advantage over the competition.

PocketBook 360 Review

An ergonomic design and accelerometer make this compact eReader stand out, but its functionality is limited for the price.

Alex eReader Review

Spring Design has created the best dual-screen Android eReader to date, but we wish it cost less.

iRex DR800SG Review

This device has the ideal screen size for an eReader, but doesn't utilize it very well.

Entourage Edge Review

This Android-powered eReader and Tablet combo works well, but it's not yet fully baked.

Sony Reader Daily Edition Review

This pricey but touch-friendly eReader delivers a large screen, 3G connectivity, and an easy-to-use interface.