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Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1RC) Review

Read our review of the Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1RC). Handwriting input with a stylus and a slick interface can't save the Sony Reader Wi-Fi from its myriad shortcomings.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G Review

Read our review of the Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G. It gets better with new features, such as eBook lending and interface enhancements.

Amazon Kindle eReader (2011) Review

The $79 eReader offers plenty of value, even if it has ads and lacks touch.

iRiver Story HD Review

The first eReader integrated with Google's eBookstore sports a high-definition display but falls short on ergonomics.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition Review

Kobo steps up its game with a lightweight eReader that sports a touchscreen, but it's not as good as the latest Nook.

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch Review

Content, Shopping, Battery, & Verdict on Barnes & Noble Nook Touch

Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350) Review

This pocketable eReader now sports a touchscreen and improved performance, but will the price drive customers away?

Barnes & Noble Nook (Update 1.5) Review

A software update brings improved performance and more features to Barnes & Noble's dual-screen eReader.

Sony Reader Touch Edition Review

Although Sony's latest touch-enabled reader is much improved, its high price will give some pause.

Literati Review

This cheap color eReader may tempt shoppers, but it's not in the same league as the Kindle and Nook.