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Backup Your Data Automatically


Back in a Flash (available in 3.5GB, 7.5GB, 15.5GB, and 31.5GB capacities) doesn’t just excel at backing up your most valuable data, it offers true disaster recovery by allowing you to continue pounding out term papers after a hard drive failure. When you boot your notebook from this 2.7 x 0.7 x 0.2-inch flash stick, you enter the Nimble X operating system, which includes several open-source applications such as Firefox 3 and It isn’t Mac-compatible, and asks a hefty per-gigabyte price, but, in terms of pure simplicity, Back in a Flash is a solid choice for automatic backup.

Full price list: $79.95 (3.5GB), $109 (7.5GB), $174 (15.5GB), $299 (31.5GB)
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Backup Your Data Automatically


Clickfree Traveler

Price: 79.99

About the size of a student ID card (and almost as thin), the Clickfree Traveler combines a slick brushed-metal design with no-brainer backup.
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SanDisk Ultra Backup

Price: 49.99

The SanDisk Ultra Backup looks like your standard USB flash drive, but inside packs some outstanding software.
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Seagate Replica

The Seagate Replica is somewhat heftier than some of its competitors, but with that extra girth comes features that other auto-backup systems lack.
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