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Linux Street Fight: Linpus Lite on the Acer Aspire one vs. Xandros on the ASUS Eee PC

Which is the best OS? Let's get ready to rumble!


by Jeffrey L. Wilson on August 27, 2008

Mini-notebooks changed the landscape of the mobile computing world by introducing low-cost, lightweight machines designed for users who want to jump on the Web quickly. Although many of these systems offer Windows XP as the operating of system of choice for mainstream users, Linux is frequently offered as an alternative to Microsoft's OS. The reason is twofold: Linux, in its many faces, is a lightweight operating system that runs smoothly on these relatively low-powered mini-notebooks. Plus, Linux allows manufacturers to tailor the OS as they see fit.

Two of the most popular forms of Linux in the mini-notebook space are Linpus Lite (featured on the Acer Aspire one) and Xandros Linux (featured on the many derivatives of the ASUS Eee PC) While both operating systems offer easy-to-use interfaces that are broken down into distinct categories, their user experiences differ.

Which is the best OS? Find out in our four-round, head-to-head showdown, in which we compare and contrast Acer's customized version of Linpus Lite and ASUS' iteration of Xandros. Let's get ready to rumble!

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