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Best iPhone Games Worth Paying For


Featuring elements of Scrabble mixed with a bit of Tetris, the mobile version of PopCap’s massively popular PC game is here to test your brain power. In order to accumulate big points, there’s a grid of randomly placed letters, from which you form words that are at least three letters long by tapping adjacent letters. The longer the word, the better—and not just because it generates higher scores. If you use too many short or common words, red tiles appear that burn their way through the playfield; if one of them hits the bottom of the game board, it’s game over. If you get stuck, you can shake the iPhone or iPod touch to redistribute the letters. We like this game’s smoothly escalating difficulty ramp, which provides a challenge without being overly harsh on newbies. | Buy it in iTunes.


Best iPhone Games Worth Paying For


Alive 4-ever

Price: 2.99

If Alive 4-ever’s title evokes memories of another zombie-blasting franchise, Left 4 Dead, consider it a lovingly crafted homage rather than an outright rip-off.
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Arrr! Pirates vs. Aliens

Price: .99

Prove that you have enough high seas swagger to best the alien intruders in Red Knight Media’s Arrr! Pirates vs. Aliens.
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Price: .99

Diceworks puts a fresh spin on puzzle games by utilizing numbers as the base element instead of colors or shapes.
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DOOM Resurrection

Price: 6.99

DOOM Resurrection retains the best aspects of the popular first-person shooter franchise (big guns, zombies) and adds touch and accelerometer functionality.
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Earthworm Jim

Price: 4.99

Retrogaming is all the rage, so it’s only fitting that one of the mid-1990s’ finest action platformers makes its grand return.
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Hip Hop All Star

Price: 1.99

Music games are all the rage, but most of them have heavily favored rock and pop catalogs. Enter: Hip Hop All Star.
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Madden NFL 10

Price: 9.99

The hard-hitting action of the NFL crashes into the App Store with EA Sports’ Madden NFL 10, the portable version of the pigskin console and PC franchise.
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Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition

Price: 6.99

If you had any doubts that Capcom could successfully squeeze a version of Resident Evil onto Apple’s platform, you can breathe easy.
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Touch KO

Price: 4.99

Chillingo’s digital interpretation of boxing bobs and weaves onto the iPhone and iPod touch with mixed results.
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