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10 Addictive Games for Holiday Gamers

Get your game-addict one (or more) of the ten must-haves of the season.

by Tom Briechle on November 5, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch's latest release points the popular military shooter series in a new direction. The player must perform covert operations behind enemy lines in a variety of locations, including Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. The multiplayer action has been upgraded with Create-a-Class 2.0, allowing almost limitless customization. (PC and all consoles)

Lowest Price: $59.99

Dance Central

The creators of Rock Band have delivered yet another party-perfect music game. Using the Kinect motion-sensing camera, Dance Central game tracks the player's movement while performing more than 600 actual dance moves to dozens of songs. Two players can also compete for supremacy in Battle Mode. (Xbox 360)

Price: $49.99

Fallout: New Vegas

The followup to 2008's critically acclaimed Fallout 3 provides an engaging action RPG experience. Gamers must traverse the streets of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and do whatever it takes to survive. In addition, the player's actions can influence how the story unfolds. (PC, PS3)

Price: Free

Gran Turismo 5

For car enthusiasts everywhere, GT5 promises to be the most realistic driving simulator ever. This sequel has a staggering amount of content; racers can drive more than 900 cars on 70 tracks, all rendered in stunning high definition. The new online mode lets the player race against as many as 15 other gamers across the globe at once. (PS3)

Price: Free

Halo: Reach

The next installment in Bungie's revered sci-fi shooter franchise tasks players with stopping the Covenant menace decades before the events of the first Halo game. The multiplayer has been completely revamped with a new objective-based Invasion mode and new abilities such as jetpacks and dodge-rolling. (Xbox 360)

Price: Free

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Everyone's favorite pink puffball makes his triumphant return to home consoles, much to the delight of Nintendo fans everywhere. Here, Kirby finds himself in a strange world made entirely of fabric, and he can manipulate the cloth-like environment in various ways. For example, he can open a zipper to reveal a new area. (Nintendo Wii)

Price: $49.99 | Read Review

Madden NFL 11

Another year brings another installment of this much-loved football franchise. This version offers much more than just a roster update; Online Team Play mode allows up to three players per team to achieve victory, and the new GameFlow option automates plays so you can complete a game in just 30 minutes. (PC and all consoles)

Price: $12.99

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Ever wondered what you would do if you had complete control over society and government? Civilization V gives the player an almost limitless amount of choices as he or she leads a civilization from the prehistoric era all the way to the distant future. With enough planning and determination, one civilization will be able to declare victory over its opponents. (PC)

Price: $49.99 | Read Review

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

After a daunting 12-year wait, the sequel to the most popular strategy game ever made is finally here. Starcraft 2 adds even more depth by including more units for each of the three playable races while keeping the game beginner-friendly with plenty of tutorials and guides. (PC)

Price: $59.99

World of WarCraft: Cataclysm

There's no doubt that anyone addicted to the smash-hit online game World of Warcraft will be craving this latest expansion pack. About 3,000 new quests, two new races, and an extended level cap of 85 ensure that players won't run out of things to do anytime soon.  (PC)

Price: Free


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