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Plantronics Pulsar 260
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Plantronics Pulsar 260

The pendant headset has, for better or worse, become the de facto Bluetooth standard, and Plantronics sadly does little with the design of the Pulsar 260. Two in-ear buds connect via long cords to a pendant control module meant to dangle from a lanyard or clothes clip. It looks stylish but can be awkward to use and difficult to store without tangles--though there's a benefit to having volume and play controls readily at hand.
More important than looks is good sound quality, which this headset didn't quite deliver. During our tests with handsets from Nokia and Samsung, call quality was mediocre. Callers experienced some static and noise and said they had trouble hearing us, most likely owing to the dangling microphone. On our end, we heard additional static. Because the Pulsar 260 is specifically designed as a cellular headset, not a stereo device with additional call features, the unimpressive call quality is a crucial flaw.
Music playback fared better. Though the earbuds didn't provide the depth of sound we'd expect from the in-ear design, there's enough range to allow us to hear our tunes without missing a beat. You won't find particularly powerful bass or high frequencies, but the overall reproduction was acceptable. Volume was lower than with other headsets, however, and we had to crank playback levels to get the same presence that other headsets achieved with lower power. The overall sound field was like what you'd find from a set of bundled earbuds: unexceptional in every way.
Let your interest in the Pulsar 260 be dictated by your ability to spend; for $40 more you can get a much better headset, like the Motorola ROKR S9.

Compare Prices: $89.99

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