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iToys Me2

Finally, there’s a way for kids to play video games without staying inside all day. This small toy, which can fit inside a pocket or clip onto clothing, plugs into a USB port, providing access to a 3D virtual world at where children can customize avatars and interact with other Me2 users. But their avatar’s energy levels and ability to “buy” things on the site depends on how much walking the children do in real life: The device doubles as a pedometer, and children can trade in their steps for online rewards.

Leapfrog Didj Custom Gaming System

/uploadedImages/review/round-up/2008/images/LEAPFROG-DIGJ_sh.jpgThis handheld system has 10 titles (as of press time), including Indiana Jones and Star Wars, each of which includes educational games for children to play throughout. Each title focuses on math, spelling, or language arts. You can customize the content that appears in the game; Nancy Drew players, for instance, can download their own spelling words. As children answer questions, they earn points they can trade in for backgrounds, characters, and music. 


Hottest Tech Toys


Ages 1 - 3

The toddler set loves bright colors and toys that bring out their creative side.
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Ages 4 - 6

The kindergarten set love toys that entertain while they teach. Parental bonus: they learn responsibility, too.
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Ages 9+

Sophisticated toys for older kids.
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