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Top iPad Accessories

Apple's tablet is only as cool as what you pair with it.

by Kenneth Butler, Writer/Web Content Producer on October 30, 2010

SMK Link Paddock 10

Add some audio oomph to their iPad with the PadDock 10. This versatile accessory delivers plenty of volume through two 3-watt speakers, which bounce sound off of surfaces behind the stand for better amplification. The PadDock 10 also rotates 360 degrees, so iPad owners can use apps in landscape or portrait modes, and it includes a switch for easily toggling between charge and sync modes.

Price: $99.00 | Read Review

iHome iA100ZC iPad Alarm Clock Radio Speakerphone

This isn't just an iPad speaker dock. The iA100 can also play MP3s with its built-in Bongiovi restorative digital sound technology, wirelessly stream music over Bluetooth, save ten preset FM stations, and, via the iHome+Sleep app, turn your iPad into a nocturnal companion complete with alarm clocks, sleep stats, and overnight news updates.

Price: $199.00

Booq Cobra Courier XS

The Cobra Courier XS lets your loved one and their iPad travel in comfort. The tablet sits snug in a cushioned, plush compartment while they enjoy the peace of mind only ballistic nylon straps can afford. Additional space for accessories and supplies abound, from the convenient front-access zipper pocket to internal chambers accented with Napa leather trim.

Price: $145.00

Griffin CinemaSeat

CinemaSeat makes the iPad a movie theater for your car. The seat-back case houses the iPad in a padded frame with an adjustable strap that attaches to the back of a headrest, while also offering easy access to the iPad's touchscreen and controls. Backseat riders now get their own drive-in movies or can play road-trip games that don't involve license plates.

Price: $39.99

Brenthaven 5-in-1 iPad Case

Brenthaven's hardshell cover system comes with an adjustable strap and can be snapped into five configurations. Slide on the back and front for total iPad protection, or remove the front case and slip your hand through the strap on the back for secure one-handed use. Place the case on a flat surface to use as a stand for watching video, or use it as a low-angle stand for typing out e-mails. If that's not enough products in one, you can also extend the strap and drape it behind a headrest in the car for backseat movies. Available in Black or Bronze.

Price: $59.95

ScotteVest Pack Windbreaker

This functional, water- and wind-resistant jacket has 17 mesh-lined pockets, two of which can accommodate the 9.6-inch iPad with ease. There are also plenty of nooks for accessories such as a portable keyboard, a set of headphones (routed through the internal wire management network), a digital camera, and an iPhone or two. ScotteVest uses its trademark TravelSmartSystem to balance the load, ensuring your jacket doesn't sink. Available in Cobalt, Graphite, Olive, Red, and Yellow.

Price: $75.00

SENA Sarach Dockable

As if the minimalist curves of that iPad weren't classy enough, say hello to the Sarach Dockable iPad Case from Sena. Made from hand-sewn Napa leather, this case fits the iPad like a glove. The velvet lining holds the bezel snuggly in all the right places, pretty much any location that's not a charging port, headphone jack, or proximity sensor. Available in three colors, including Black and Grey, Red, and Brown and Cream.

Price: $100.00

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad

What's better than a lavish leather folio that shelters an iPad while traveling? One that provides a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard at the same time. The Kensington KeyFolio houses an iPad in an easy-access, slip-in pocket on one side and packs a spillproof rubberized QWERTY keyboard on the other. Once cracked open, the Folio can function as a landscape iPad center with juice that'll keep your tablet fan sending e-mails and composing documents for 90 continuous hours.

Price: $99.00 | Read Review


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