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Mobile World Congress 2010

Each year, the mobile world's best and brightest gather in Barcelona to show their latest smart phones, apps, tablets, netbooks, and more. Follow the news and announcements from the 2010 Mobile World Congress right here.


Hands-On Tests

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Inbrics MID M1 Looks Like a Phone, Will One Day Be a Mobile Hotspot
You know the expression "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck,it's a duck"? Well, the Inbrics MID M1 has the 3.7-inch AMOLED display of a phone, the operating system (Android 1.5), and the ...
Video: The Squeezable Synaptics Fuse Phone is Back, Not So Easy to Use
Of all the concept devices we saw back at CES, one of the wackier ones was the Synaptics Fuse, a phone that you can control by squeezing the sides or running your finger acrossa touchpad on the back...
Video: Stantum's 10-Fingered Multitouch Coming Soon to Laptops, Tablets
Until now, multitouch, the technology allowing you to pinch Web pages on your iPhone, has had its pros and cons. On the one hand, it's highly responsive, and the gestures it enables-- pinching, zooming, rotating photos-- are intuitive..
Texas Instruments Shows Off Speedy Concept E-Reader
While most of the e-Reader concepts we saw at CES focused on the display-- adding color, making it less reflective-- Texas Instrument is taking a different tack. Its e-Reader concept, on display at Mo...
Video: Texas Instruments Demos Motion Control Phones
Texas Instruments might be best known for its Pico projection technology and scientific calculators, but at its booth here at Mobile World Congress, the thing drawing the biggestcrowds was a futurist...
Video: Hands-On With the Fitness-Focused Puma Phone (Yes, Really)
You know how these days it seems every celebrity thinks their name should be on a clothing line or, worse, a bottle of perfume? You'd think Puma, the maker of polyestertracksuits and low-profile snea...
Is that a Projector In Your Pocket? Hands-On With the Samsung Beam Projector Phone
Just two years ago, the idea of projectors being built into stuff was futuristic. Two years ago, for instance, ASUS demoed a laptop with one embedded in the bezel, but it was just that: proof of concept..
Video: Motorola Cliq XT is a Slimmer Cliq With Swype-able Onscreen Keyboard
Earlier today, I got hands-on with the Motorola Cliq XT, which T-Mobile launched earlier this week. If it sounds similar to the Motorola Cliq that's because, well, it is.
Video Hands-On: HTC HD Mini Is Featherweight, Makes WinMo Look Its Best
At first glance, the HTC HD Mini, announced yesterday, might seem like something of a black sheep: it's the only Windows Mobile phone HTC announced at the show (the other two were Android-based), and,...
Spotted in the Wild: The Motorola Devour Feels Like a Droid, Only More Elegant
Today, while hanging around the Motorola booth at Mobile World Congress, I got my hands on the Devour, a phone announced two weeks ago on Verizon Wireless. As a Droid owner, I experienced some serious...

News and Announcements

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HP Smartbook We Saw at CES Gets Compaq Branding, Polished Design
Remember that Android-running, Snapdragon-powered HP smartbook prototype we spied at CES? It's resurfaced at Mobile World Congress, with a polished design and interface, and a name, the Compaq AirLife...
RIM Announces New Web Browser, Super Apps, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
Big things are happening in the world of RIM. During Mobile World Conference 2010, the company unveiled several new applications that are designed to improve the usability of its BlackBerry smart phones..
Unlimited Skype Calls Coming to Select Verizon Smart Phones Starting in March
In a joint press conference today, Verizon and Skype announced that Skype has created a mobile app exclusively for Verizon smart phones. Starting in March, the app will allow users to make Skype calls, often free, in lieu of using voice minutes..
HTC Intros Legend, HD Mini, and Desire Smart Phones, Enhances Sense UI
UPDATED: See hands-on video with the Legend and Desire below. Today, HTC unveiled three smart phones: the Android-based Legend andDesire, and the HD Mini, which runs Windows Mobile. The company al...
T-Mobile Brings The HTC HD2 Stateside, Launches Motorola Cliq XT and HSPA+ Laptop Stick
The HTC HD2, which we loved when we reviewed it as an unlocked phone, has finally found a home in the United States, on T-Mobile's network. The carrier launched the phone today, along with the webConn...
Windows Phone 7 Series Integrates Zune and Xbox Live, Boasts Revamped Hub Interface (Updated with Video)
UPDATED: See hands-on video below. It's a total do-over. And now that we've seen it in action we think Microsoft is back in the smart phone race, actually putting the likes of RIM and Android on no...
Nokia and Intel Merge Moblin and Maemo to Form the MeeGo Platform
On the heels of Samsung demoing the first phone with its own bada OS, Nokia and Intel announced that they are merging Intel's Linux-based Moblin OS with Nokia's Maemo platform. The new, merged platform will be called MeeGo..
Acer to Preview The Aspire One 532g, The First Ion 2 Netbook
Add this to the long list of things I hope to see at Mobile World Congress: Acer announced today that it will be previewing the Acer Aspire One 532g, the first netbook running on thenext generation o...
Adobe AIR for Mobile Apps Unveiled, Could Tip Scales Against Apple?
When it comes to apps, there's Apple's 140,000+ programs, and then there's everyone else. But what if everyone else had a secret weapon that allowed developers to write once for multiple OSes? That's ...
Samsung Wave is first bada Smart Phone, Sports Super AMOLED Display
Does the world really need another smart phone platform? Samsung hopes to blind our skepticism with the Wave, the first device based on its open bada OS. Just announced at Mobile World Congress, thi...
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