VideoPad Master's Edition 2.30 Review

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The Pros

A simple drag-and-drop interface makes VideoPad very easy to use.

The Cons

It doesn't provide the scope of effects that other software suites do.


For entry-level users, VideoPad works great.

If you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use video editing software package, VideoPad Master's Edition will cover all of your bases. With basic 3D and green-screen features, you can produce movies with the flair of the latest midsummer blockbuster without pulling your hair out trying to understand the latest cutting-edge applications.

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The learning curve is very gentle. You won't have to spend hours watching tutorials and reading user manuals to grasp the concepts behind VideoPad; you can be up and running right away with the software's simple interface. If you happen to come upon a tricky feature or if you're unsure of how to use a specific filter, you can refer to the online documentation or browse the helpful user forums.

Like any high-quality video editing application, this software puts a heavy strain on your computer's resources, and it may even slow your system down if you don't have some impressive specifications. Fortunately and unfortunately, VideoPad doesn't have some of the larger and more demanding features that some of the other video editing software applications we reviewed do, so it's a bit more manageable. The features VideoPad offers are basic and simple, allowing you to create professional-looking videos without the hassle of extraneous features you'll never use.

While VideoPad's strong point isn't in its capture and playback capabilities, it performs these tasks well enough to cover all of the bases. You can import and export from a variety of the standard file formats, such as MOV, AVI, WMV and MP4. Fortunately, you can import a file directly from an email attachment, removing a step from the process of pulling video from different locations. You can also capture movies directly from a connected device, like a webcam, TV card or digital camcorder.

We didn't even have to look at the manual or documentation to be able to create a movie with VideoPad. The overall simplicity of the application's layout, as well as its seamless drag-and-drop functionality, make it effortless to compile movies and videos. Even the features that aren't drag-and-drop enabled are easy to use; trust us, you won't have trouble learning how to use VideoPad.

In the end, VideoPad Master's Edition provides a great deal of basic features with impressive ease of use. You can import video from several devices, apply 3D or green-screen effects, transitions and audio tracks, and publish in a matter of minutes. It does take a toll on a less well-equipped system's resources, but overall, we are happy with VideoPad.

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