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The Pros

WinZip System Utilities Suite has an all-in-one scan tool to make optimization easier.

The Cons

WinZip System Utilities Suite isn't configured to run in Windows 8.


WinZip System Utilities Suite has tools similar to top system repair software, but the lack of Windows 8 optimization hinders its overall usefulness.

This software comes with an easily understood layout. All of the tool categories are on the left side of the screen. You can see each tool the software offers by clicking of the different categories, or from the home screen, you can run a handy all-in-one tool. The all-in-one tool lets you run either a quick, a deep or a custom scan of your Windows PC. The PC diagnostic software scan results, including the health of the computer, are then displayed on the home screen after the initial all-in-one scan. The health of the computer is broken into three categories - Security, Cleaning and Optimize.

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Like other PC diagnostic software, WinZip System Utilities Suite has a one-click system scan that is useful for scanning your entire computer for files to clean and repair. It can automatically repair the errors the scan finds. The simplicity of this tool is especially helpful if you aren't comfortable with advanced system features. However, the individual tools also offer plenty of advanced options that make this PC performance software customizable.

The real drawback with WinZip System Utilities Suite is the lack of optimization for Windows 8. You can download and run WinZip System Utilities Suite onto your Windows 8 PC, but this PC performance software isn't designed specifically to handle that operating system or its registry. WinZip System Utilities Suite will still run and optimize your Windows 7, Vista and XP machines.

A key safety feature is the system-and-registry backup-and-restore tool. When you are optimizing and cleaning your PC using PC repair software, there is always the chance of registry repair errors occurring. This happens when a key registry file is accidently deleted. The backup-and-restore tool helps you to create backup points you can revert your system back to, if such an error occurs. This prevents potentially serious system breakdowns.

One of the better tools included with WinZip System Utilities Suite is the Disk Doctor tool. This tool compares well to better system repair software. The Disk Doctor will scan your hard drive for errors and provides benchmarking stats for the disk. This is vital for helping you to maintain the health of your hard drive and to safeguard losing your information from potential drive failure.

WinZip System Utilities Suite has standard help and report functions of FAQs and email support. You can access both of these support options from the within the software or from WinZip's website. The email support consists of an email form on WinZip's website that is similar to other system repair software's email support. WinZip also has a support phone line you can call, and the number is in the upper right corner of the home screen.

WinZip System Utilities Suite is a good PC diagnostic software if you are not running Windows 8. The software includes some of the better tools found on more elite system repair software and will help you to fulfill your basic Windows optimization needs.

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