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The Pros

WinUtilities Pro protects your browser and helps you transfer larger files using the browser-help-object and file-splitter tools.

The Cons

In addition to no hardware-monitoring tools with this software, there isn't a system backup and restore tool.


WinUtilities Pro is missing diagnostic and repair tools that are found on other better software.

WinUtilities Pro is a hard drive repair software that has an intuitive interface. The tools are arranged simply so they are easy to find and use. The tools are categorized to help you find the right utility to help optimize your system.

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When you are optimizing, cleaning and repairing your Windows PC, often there is a chance of mistakenly damaging your registry. Most PC repair software programs include a system and registry backup and restore function. WinUtilities Pro only includes a registry backup and restore function, and while this will protect your computer from registry errors, your data will still be vulnerable without the system backup and restore tool.

A nice feature with WinUtilities Pro is the document protector. The document protector allows you to add an extra layer of protection to any document, picture and video file that you may send digitally. It will require a password to be entered to open these sent files. This is a great security feature to protect your information from theft and to give you reassurance that your private information stays secure. Additionally, to aid you in sending and receiving files, WinUtilities Pro lets you split and join larger files. Most email systems have a limit on the size of files that you may send, so the splitter lets you break larger files into smaller fragments and the joiner lets you reconstruct the sent files. This is especially nice for media files, which are usually larger to send, like movies, music and pictures.

One of the main programs that slow the performance of internet browsing are browser-help objects or BHO. These usually come in the form of toolbars and search bars. These types of add-on programs are notorious for hijacking your personal settings and internet preferences. They are also difficult to remove, as some of them are somewhat malicious in nature. WinUtilities Pro is a PC repair tool that has a BHO removal tool. The BHO tool will not only aid you to remove these performance-clogging programs, but it will also help to prevent them from downloading in the future.

While WinUtilities Pro includes this elite system repair software tool, it lacks some tools found on better software. There are no hardware-monitoring utilities included with WinUtilities Pro. These hardware-monitoring tools help to warn of hardware failure and help you to maintain the health of your system's hardware. These hardware-monitoring utilities are usually included on better hard drive diagnostic software.

WinUtilities Pro has help and report functions similar to other hard disk repair software, such as FAQs and email. You can access both of these support tools from the software or from the manufacturer's website. The email support comes in the form of an email form letter page on YL Software's website that is similar to the email support you get with other system repair software.

WinUtilities Pro is a good program if you are looking for PC utilities to aid you in removing BHOs and adding security elements for sending files. However, the lack of hardware-monitoring and system-backup tools put it a step below other, more complete, system repair software suites.

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