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The Pros

Customizable, live-optimization settings let you customize your computer's performance to your preferences.

The Cons

TuneUp Utilities doesn't include any hardware-failure monitoring.


TuneUp Utilities provide a wide range of tools to optimize your Window's PC.

TuneUp Utilities is a PC repair tool developed by AVG to better optimize and clean your Windows-based home computer. The tools for TuneUp Utilities are under category tabs, which helps you to find the tool you are looking for quickly. The tools open in pop-out screens that make the use of multiple tools simultaneously possible - a huge plus for system repair software. There is a one-click, system-analysis tool, which run tools suggested by TuneUp Utilities to improve your system performance and automatically makes system changes.

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There is some danger with cleaning and repairing your Window's registry. TuneUp Utilities has a backup-and-restore tool for both your system information and registry. This gives you an additional layer of protection against accidental repair errors while you are optimizing your computer's system. The backup system for TuneUp Utilities automatically generates the files and stores them for two weeks, which is a good amount of time for a PC performance software.

One of the lacking areas for TuneUp Utilities is hardware monitoring. While many other of the best PC repair tools will at least include a function for testing the health of your system's hard drive, RAM and other peripheral hardware, TuneUp Utilities doesn't have any of these useful PC repair tools. This limits this software's ability to monitor the health of your system. While there is no hardware monitoring, TuneUp Utilities does include software-monitoring tools. These are ideal for helping you to customize a maintenance schedule to run PC utilities when your computer needs optimization.

There are real-time optimization tools included with TuneUp Utilities. These will help you to better optimize your system's memory, internet connect, browser and Windows. You can either manually adjust the optimization settings or use those predetermined by TuneUp Utilities. These settings will close unused programs, free trapped memory and close browser tabs that are sucking up bandwidth.

TuneUp Utilities has the standard help and report functions of other PC diagnostic softwares, which are FAQs and email. You can access both of these support tools from the software or from AVG's website. The email support comes in the form of an email form letter page on AVG's website that is similar to other system repair software's email support.

The strength of TuneUp Utilities is the real-time optimization tools. Using these tools, whether you are an advance user or a novice, you can customize your PC to get better performance. There are no hardware-monitoring features, which are usually included in better system repair software. Yet, TuneUp Utilities is still a viable software for managing, optimizing and repairing your PC.

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