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The Pros

SystemSuite's optimization features can streamline any computer.

The Cons

The software is a bit short on its explanation of features.


It offers a host of features and tools, but those who are unfamiliar with PC system utilities software may find the application challenging to figure out.

SystemSuite offers a host of tools to keep your computer uncluttered and running smoothly. It can find and fix problems, tidy up file management and provide system data. SystemSuite is a bit slower than comparable products, but overall, it's an ideal choice for computer maintenance.

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After installing this PC system utilities application, you'll see a list of optional features that include the Web Defense Tool, Active Defense and Email Defense. The Web Defense Tool blocks threats before they infect your computer, and Active and Email Defense automatically check emails for viruses and malware. These features will slow down your computer and should generally be left disabled.

SystemSuite scans your web browser and downloaded files for malware that could infect and destroy your computer or steal your information. It runs automatically to find those dangerous files and malware.

Registry Defrag and Disk Defrag reduce clutter on your hard drive and the registry by removing fragmented data. Startup Commander lists the processes set to start when your operating system is loading. Disabling certain processes could make your computer run faster, but be careful not to turn off any applications you may need.

The Internet Speed and Memory Optimizer helps make connecting to and browsing the internet quicker, and you can increase your Windows operating system speed with Windows Mod and Windows Optimizer.

SystemSuite scans nearly a dozen areas to find problems that may exist with your computer's registry. It gives you detailed lists of those problems to let you decide which files to fix. We believe the Registry Cleaner feature should be merged with Registry Fixer. The first removes erroneous and invalid entries from the registry. The second lets you adjust the contents of registry keys.

If you delete or lose a file, the File Restore feature can recover it. Conversely, the Shredder tool eliminates the chance of deleted files being recovered, in cases of sensitive information. If your operating system has trouble loading, the Rescue Disk feature can make a bootable CD or DVD to get it going.

SystemSuite is easy to use. The features work well but could use more detail on how to use them. Still, we found this to be a stellar PC system utilities application. It offers a host of tools and features to keep your computer running at optimal efficiency. It's easy to use any type of scan in the software, and it's simple to repair and recover damage that may occur.

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