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The Pros

This software offers quality features to tune up your computer.

The Cons

The user interface is disorganized.


The quality features offered by Spotmau PowerSuite are overshadowed by a difficult interface.

Spotmau PowerSuite offers tools to enhance and keep your computer running smoothly. They include repair, recovery, diagnostic and a host of optimization features. This PC System Utilities software is good, but not great. That's because the application's interface is a bit confusing. The home screen has nine options, and it's difficult to determine the function of each option. Users may click on one and find they have to sift through the other eight to find what they want.

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This application's startup management feature disables unnecessary startup items to make your computer's operating system load quicker. Smart Uninstall deletes unnecessary applications and files to eliminate clutter on your computer, and PC Health Check evaluates the health of your computer with a lengthy list of tests.

Our tests with Spotmau PowerSuite's Disk Cleaner cleared more than 100MB of hard drive space, which is a large amount, given that the computer didn't have many files on it. The tool scans your hard drive for six different types of junk files.

We suggest the company combine Internet Privacy Cleaner, Computer Privacy Cleaner and IE Plug-ins Cleaner because their functions are similar. The first two remove traces of your internet activity. IE Plug-ins Cleaner eliminates plug-ins that are installed without your permission.

This software has solid data backup and recovery. It backs up and restores selected files and folders, partitions and image files. It can recover files that accidentally were deleted.

Spotmau PowerSuite's internet optimizer uses eight settings to quicken your internet connection. We noticed a difference in our connection speed, but other applications in our lineup adjust more settings and make a larger difference in your connection speed.

This software's PC system utilities features are grouped into sections called Kits. Some kits are useful. Others are not. We suggest that all features be grouped into a single interface. This would let you find what you need without sorting through confusing menus. Once you find the features, they are easy to use.

Help and support offered by Spotmau PowerSuite is limited to FAQs and a contact form on the website. The information provided in the FAQs is limited. However, the company typically responds the same day if you send a message or question through the contact form. Representatives responded to us within three hours.

This PC system utilities application has some quality features that can help optimize your computer's speed and operability. However, Spotmau PowerSuite's user interface is disorganized and spread out. This user experience diminishes the software's positive attributes.

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