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The Pros

The main screen on Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 makes tools simple to find and use.

The Cons

If you use Advanced SystemCare PRO 7's recommended download settings, it will modify your personal settings and internet search.


The easy layout and tools makes Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 a good PC repair tools.

Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 is a PC repair tool to help improve the health and performance of your computer. When you download Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 onto your computer, the download wizard is simple; however, it can be hard to prevent the wizard from adjusting your personal settings and preferences. The express install's default settings are designed to download additional IObit software onto your computer. This binge of bloatware is difficult to remove from your computer if you fail to prevent its install. Yet, if you use the advanced download settings, you can get Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 without the additional, unnecessary, programs.

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You can customize 12 tools on the home screen to scan and repair your computer. You can choose to run each of the 12 tools one at a time or all at once. These tools include Malware Removal, Registry Fix and Shortcut Fix, will run in sequence and provide results screens. The result screen displays a color based threat level for each of the problems found, which is similar to most top-of-the-line PC repair tools. You can repair the errors in batches or you can repair errors individually.

There is a Disk Doctor tool included with Advanced SystemCare PRO 7, which is similar to other top system repair software. The Disk Doctor will scan your hard drive for errors or potential failure, which protects your valuable information you have stored there. Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 doesn't include any other hardware-monitoring or repair tools. This does hamper the usefulness of this software as a full PC performance software suite.

When you click on the Action Center tab, a list of additional tools provided by IObit is displayed. These tools are free with the full Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 suite, but each is a standalone program that must be downloaded in order to run. While this does help you to organize the tools and utilities, and allows you to run multiple tools at once, it does add additional clutter to your computer and an extra step in the setup process.

Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 has a real-time, system-information monitor that appears on the desktop when Windows starts. The information it provides to you in real-time is effective for helping to constantly optimize your PC, and you can run the memory optimizer directly from the desktop tool.

The speed-booster function of Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 lets you free up Ram and processing power on the computer. When you use this tool, the system repair software will provide real-time stats of the additional processing power the program freed. There is also a game booster, which is a tool usually found on only the most elite PC repair tools. The game booster will find programs and processes that could potentially interfere with game play, and then automatically optimize your system for superior gaming performance. The game booster give you live hardware stats about the heat of your CPU, video card and hard drive, which is critical when you are looking for top level of extensive performance.

The support for Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 includes the standard FAQs section of the website and form email support. There is no phone support or live chat option offered.

Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 helps to make scanning, cleaning and optimizing your computer simple. The tools are powerful, but the access to the tools often feels like bloatware. Advanced SystemCare PRO 7 is still one of the better system repair software suites we reviewed.

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Software Type Utilities
Platforms Windows
Required Processor 300 MHz or faster
Software Required OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
Required RAM 256 MB
Disk Space 30 MB
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