Advanced System Optimizer v3 Review

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The Pros

The Advanced System Optimizer tools give comprehensive error information.

The Cons

There is no shortcut repair tool provided with Advanced System Optimizer.


With the use of Advanced System Optimizer, you should see an improvement in the overall functionality of your home computer.

As opposed to similar system repair software that we reviewed, Advanced System Optimizer has a clean interface that makes for simpler usage. The home screen displays the major program categories of Security, Optimization and Cleaning. It also includes a health report of your PC and an interactive list of items that need to be resolved to improve your computer's health. When you click on the computer repair tools within Advanced System Optimizer, each will be launch in a separate, pop-out window. This is better for you if you want to perform multiple cleaning tasks at once and more effectively use the computer repair software.

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The detailed information provided on the results screen of Advanced System Optimizer is among the best of the software we reviewed. The PC repair software gives in-depth information about your system - including junk files, processes that are lowering performance and potential errors. Advanced System Optimizer will help you by providing suggestions about how to best resolve found errors, and it also provides an automatic cleaner that simply resolves issues based upon Advanced System Optimizer's suggestions.

The Disk Doctor tool scans your computer's hard drive for errors and monitors it for potential signs of failure. The benchmarking tool for the hard drive helps you to see how to best organize your system's data for improved retrieval time, which is a feature included on better system repair software. Advanced System Optimizer makes suggestions for how to better optimize your hard drive for superior PC health and performance, which is great for both novice and advance users to use.

Advanced System Optimizer has no hardware or physical-memory failure monitors. These features on other PC repair utilities will help to alert you should your hardware start to fail, preventing potential computer failures. There is also no shortcut repair tool. This is a feature included on most other system repair software we tested and is convenient for cleaning up broken links that often clutter desktops and folders.

A nice feature of Advanced System Optimizer is the Game Optimizer. This tool is designed for those that use their PC for heavy gaming and are looking for ways to improve the game experience. The Game Optimizer has a private, virtual desktop that maximizes the system's memory and processing power into running the game without any interruption from external applications. There is a key map included on the Game Optimizer that lets you replace default hot keys with user-defined hot keys, which is a rare function among PC repair tools.

The auto memory-optimization tool is good for helping to prevent idle program from sucking up performance. You can set a level of how much free memory you would like to have, or you can use the default settings. Once the free memory drops below those predetermined levels, Advanced System Optimizer will automatically optimize held memory from idle programs to increase your PC's performance.

Advanced System Optimizer has standard help and support functions with FAQs on their website, form email support, a phone support line and live chat for quick answers to questions online.

Advanced System Optimizer doesn't have all the tools we found on other system repair software, like hardware and memory-failure monitoring; however, the optimization tools should really increase the performance of your PC.

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