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10 Best Internet Security Software Products
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Best Internet Security Software Review

There are many resources available to anyone who wants to learn how to be a hacker as well as groups such as Anonymous who make their tips available to the public. In addition to this, cyber crime is becoming a profitable business and could extort as much as a trillion dollars next year from businesses and individuals. We love the internet and it makes our lives easier, but with ease comes laziness, and too many of us leave our personal information in places that are easy to reach.

Internet security suites differ from other antivirus software because they includes antispam, antispyware, parental controls and privacy protection for the personal information on your PC or laptop. Using the best and most comprehensive internet security software can protect your personal information from being shared online. Plus, you can protect your children from all the dangers of the internet.

As internet users get smarter, so do those trying to commit cyber crimes. The best internet security software will protect you from all angles – from the internet, connected USB drives, the infamous email attachments and corrupted video files.

We rated the best security software and favor those suites that continue to prove themselves, test after test. These provide reliable and dynamic antivirus protection and remove any lingering cookies or viruses. We also looked for software protects you from spam and spyware, and secures your privacy.

Here are the criteria we used to rank internet security suites:

Internet Protection

Having a proven track record in internet security is one of the most important attributes to look for. You want something that provides consistent, reliable and proactive internet security, not just software that tries to clean up after the worst has happened. The suites that rank at the top of our list passed antivirus tests on systems running Windows 7. They include the ability to combat threats that are both known and only beginning to emerge. We also looked at software that could detect applications that may behave suspiciously. You want one that can provide you with protection for your privacy as well as provide spam filters and website ratings.

Security Features

The best Windows internet security suites go beyond basic virus protection. We looked for security software that would also scan other sources of media such as CD/DVDs or USB drives. Files are always changing hands, and it is good to know all your devices will be scanned thoroughly. We also appreciate software that allows for custom settings. Since most virus software will run in the background without requiring hands-on activation, it's important to know that you can go in and change the settings to scan devices at times of your choosing. We chose the software that can both react and be proactive.

Help & Support

Quick installation and instant protection should be the first things that come with internet security software. Because technology can cause us much grief and stress, you want to look for software that has the best tech support on the market. Look for security providers that offer online documentation, FAQs, help files and even community forums. Having someone real to talk to can make all the difference; look for extended hours of operations and constant software updates.

Technology and cyber attacks may advance, but so will internet security software. The internet arena has a vast amount of players competing for the best name for internet security. We've compiled the biggest hitters and discovered which players can provide you and your family with the best protection online. Our top choices are BitDefender, Kaspersky, and Panda.