Panda Internet Security 2013 Review

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The Pros

Panda's security suite includes a safe browser, parental controls and a rescue CD.

The Cons

This suite does not include any tools specifically designed to scan social media sites, and the only way to get file encryption and shredding is to upgrade to Global Protection.


Panda has the proven ability to fight malware and constantly improves its protection for your PC, identity and family.

In the last year, Panda has processed over 200 million malware files. The technology it uses, called Collective Intelligence, is a cloud-based system for scanning, assessing and disinfecting all the new malware that your computer samples every day. Panda has the ability to protect your PC from the everyday attacks and evolve along with the threats. Panda was the first the internet security company to launch  cloud-based antivirus protection and its innovations continue to produce protection in over 20 different languages.

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Panda's industry reputation and performance has earned it high ratings with AV-Tests and AV-Comparatives. AV-Test gave this internet security suite six tests and it averaged 5.3 out of 6, or about 89 percent. AV-Comparatives gave them a score of 98.6 percent in their report July 2011 report. Though the software is cloud-based, Panda has the technology to analyze behavior and detect suspicious websites and files.

The cloud security keeps Panda up to date, meaning it can catch known and unknown malware, even offline. This software has a tool for removing infected files from external devices such as a USB drives or external hard drives. Panda Internet Security analyzes the threats that migrate within your network, as well.

One feature showcased within Panda Security is the Panda Safe Browser. This works as a normal browser with either Internet Explorer or Firefox, although they recommend using Firefox. This is a virtual machine, which means it runs on a network isolated from your PC. The browser provides complete security and doesn't have a website history, also allowing you to enjoy private browsing. This is a great tool to have if you make a lot of credit or debit card transactions online. It runs a bit slower, but is well worth the protection.

Panda Internet Security Suite can protect your family, your network and your identity. The software can perform custom scans in addition the any scheduled scans. It will also scan emails, instant messages and websites, as well as files on any disc. Panda can also run vulnerability scans to check for outdated software and missing updates.

Another creative feature offered by Panda is the ability to create profiles for your family members, employees or any other user. This allows you to manage and block certain parts of the internet for certain users. For example, if you are worried a child might get into something while you are away, you can set up and adjust your child's profile as needed. The software also lets you specify the exact information you do not want to be shared online without your permission, such as social security or credit card numbers.

Panda has pretty standard customer support, although it's geared more toward sales than anything else. The telephone numbers are not meant for technical support, but you can view the quick start guide, FAQs or the vast knowledgebase. You can also follow Panda on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other social media sites.

With over 50 global offices, Panda offers international support in over 20 different languages. Panda has headquarters in Spain and in Glendale, California.

This internet security suite goes further than standard PC protection. You can tailor parental controls, install a firewall, disinfect USB drives and manage your email as well. You can also back up your files as long as you have 2GB of free space. The Panda security suite has a reliable track record for detection and quarantine and has the tools needed to protect your PC, identity and family.

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Software Type Security
Platforms Windows
Required Processor Pentium 300 MHz or faster
Software Required OS: Windows XP or later
Required RAM 512 MB RAM with TruPrevent (1 GB recommended)
Disk Space 275 MB
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