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The Pros

AVG earns high marks for repairing malware and detecting zero-day threats in independent testing, and it provides protection tools specifically for social networking.

The Cons

Parental controls are only available for an additional cost.


AVG provides excellent protection for online browsing and social interaction.

Not only does AVG keep you safe while you surf the internet, but it also offers peace of mind when your personal information is involved, such as when you bank or shop online, and when you use social media sites. Benefits such as quicker download speeds, antispyware, social network protection, link scanning, identity-theft prevention, a color-coded safe search, smart scanning, mobile protection and more prove that AVG Internet Security is worth purchasing.

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AVG provides protection at times when you are most vulnerable to cyber attack, such as when you are doing your online shopping and banking, chatting with friends on an instant messaging service or surfing the internet and updating your Facebook status. Using identity-theft blockers, AVG helps you feel safe when you purchase items online and when you check your bank account by protecting and securing your personal information. It provides protection from viruses and other malware - even those that are outbound. You may not know you have a virus and could therefore unwittingly share it with your friends. AVG not only protects your computer from attacks, but it also prevents you from inadvertently infecting your friends' computers. AVG can scan links shared on Facebook or Twitter, keeping you and your friends safe before you even click on those links.

The LinkScanner color codes websites according to how safe they are and displays that on search engine results. This way, you can see which sites are safe to visit before you actually navigate to them. LinkScanner is compatible with all the major search engines. If you are nervous about a particular site, you can submit the URL to AVG to check the site before you visit it.

AVG Internet Security updates regularly and includes most of the features you need to protect your computer. You have control over when the updates are downloaded and can set up a schedule for when scans are performed. The program recognizes situations, such as when you are playing games or your computer's battery life is low, and adjusts its settings for the scans and updates accordingly. However, if you want parental controls as part of your internet security, you will have to purchase it as an add-on because it is not included with this security suite.

You can find several different avenues to contact AVG to take advantage of the extensive customer support network. The customer support team is available 24/7, and you can easily contact the company by telephone, live chat and email. Also available is AVG TechBuddy, which allows AVG technicians to remotely connect to your computer to fix any problems you may encounter. The support section also includes a FAQs page and access to the user forum. You can also reach out to AVG on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

AVG Technologies continues to win awards from a variety of independent test labs for keeping your private information private. AVG Internet Security is constantly improving and adding new ways to protect your PC. It keeps you safe during online banking and enjoying your interactions on social networks.

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Required Processor Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster
Software Required OS: MS Windows XP; MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition; MS Windows Vista; MS Windows Vista x64 Edition; MS Windows 7; MS Windows 7 x64 Edition; MS Windows 8 x32 Edition; MS Windows 8 x64 Edition;
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Disk Space 950 MB
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