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The Pros

CYBERsitter scans hardware as well as filtering browsing and applications.

The Cons

Configuring this application is a bit difficult.


This application is a decent choice for filtering computer programs and internet applications.

CYBERsitter internet filter software offers several important features that will allow you to protect your kids online. This application allows you to customize almost any program that is web enabled. It also has the ability to scan your emails for objectionable content as well as instant messaging applications.

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CYBERsitter allows you, the cautious parent, to be in complete control over what your child is viewing on the internet. We are impressed by the great job it does at blocking any changes to the application by unauthorized users. It is also does a great job of handling security very discreetly. CYBERsitter creates reports that include complete logs of IM chats as well as all of the sites that your child has visited. You can have this report emailed to yourself each day. One of the specific highlights we found very useful is that you can monitor your program from any location that offers internet availability.

This application comes with over 35 different categories of information that you can filter on. These include the most obvious categories of sex and drugs; however, CYBERsitter also takes it one-step further by monitoring for cults and gambling as well as file sharing. It also monitors very closely for any attempts to install spy programs on your computer. As the administrator, you have the option to choose which categories you are concerned about and let the program do its job while giving you peace of mind. While it may take a while to set up the initial configuration, you will find it well worth the time to keep your child safe.

CYBERsitter provides a good defense against any questionable content your child may encounter online. Because you are able to choose what this application should look for when blocking content, you can be assured that your child will always have access to the information they need while online. This application has features that allow it to work by keeping a database of restricted sites as well as search terms that may lead to a restricted site.

Because CYBERsitter filters out offensive content on your computer as well as in internet applications such as emails and IM chats, this is one of the most effective internet filtering applications available. While it is a bit difficult to configure, once you get the hang of it you should not have any issues.

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