DVDFab DVD Copy 8 Review

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The Pros

The software has a strong feature set and an intuitive interface.

The Cons

Flaws in the quality of copied content may be visible on an HD television.


This is a great tool for backing up your DVD library or repairing damaged discs.

DVDFab is DVD copy software that has an impressive feature set. Highlights of this software include a CSS decryptor, multiple language support, region code removal, content selection, scratched DVD restoration and wide format support. The only thing we looked for that this product lacks is mobile device conversion.

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Most commercial DVDs have their content digitally encrypted to protect it against piracy. However, this crime-fighting feature can get in the way of law-abiding citizens who are attempting to protect, back up or restore their media libraries. DVDFab has the latest CSS decryptor that allows you to break the digital encryption, releasing the content on your DVDs for your legal personal use.

Let's face it, not all movies or shows are made in the U.S., and worldwide media is getting a lot of attention these days. Let's say you have a foreign language film that you bought on Amazon that won't work in your DVD player because it has the wrong region code. Copying a DVD with DVDFab gives you the ability to remove the region code in order to allow you to play the content on the DVD in your player, regardless of what part of the world it comes from.

Further on the foreign film front, not everybody speaks English. If you're reading this, you probably do, but that's beside the point. DVDFab contains multiple language support so users from all over the world have the ability to use it.

There is one big snag when it comes to most DVD copy software. It's the fact that most of the DVDRs you buy cannot hold all the files contained in commercial DVDs. That's because DVDRs generally have less memory capacity. To combat this problem, DVDFab allows you to select exactly what content from commercial DVDs you want to clone. For example, you can choose to copy only the feature film portion of your favorite movie DVD and leave out all the special features. There is plenty of room on an average DVDR to store a Hollywood film.

DVDFab is great for users who are looking to back up their movie libraries, copy content from damaged DVDs to a new home and for general DVD-burning purposes.

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