DVD95Copy Pro 3.8 Review

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The Pros

This DVD copy software has tons of compression options.

The Cons

The confusing interface makes the learning curve steep.


This application makes fine copies, but it is confusing and unstable.

DVD95Copy is jam packed with features and holes. It takes an expert seaman to sail this DVD copy software. Extra features don't matter when you're constantly bailing water to stay afloat. Expect wave after wave of error messages, and be prepared to get soaked to the bone in technical jargon. If you've already got your sea legs, this DVD copy software offers a wealth of compression options that might strike your fancy. If not, DVD95Copy is just plain frustrating.

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This application would be one of the best DVD copy software packages if you were just looking at the features. It has everything you expect - media compatibility, the ability to omit unwanted content, the ability to copy episodic DVDs, the ability to remove region codes and gobs of compression settings. Unfortunately, they are all error-prone and confusing. Take the compression options as a prime example - you get a high level of control, but nothing is clearly labeled. If you want to know which tracks and chapters you are working with, you will have to open them one by one to see what is inside. It is great that you can burn dual-layer DVD-R discs, and nobody will complain about the ability to compress a DVD-9 down to a DVD-5, but the learning curve to do all that is unnecessarily steep.

DVD95Copy is more difficult to use than any other DVD copy software we reviewed. You have to know the technical lingo to survive - there is no way around it. That makes it a very foreboding launch pad if you are just getting started. It wouldn't be so bad if there were fewer error messages, but this DVD burning application is finicky, so it's not hard to do something wrong. If you can't talk the talk, you'll have no idea what you are doing wrong. The user interface doesn't make it any easier, either. There are no shortcuts and little organization.

In addition to all that, it lacks a CSS decryptor, which guarantees that even the installation process will be a challenge.

The bottom line is this - if you know all about compression and care a lot about it, DVD95Copy is perfect. For everybody else, we recommend one of our top-rated DVD copy software packages.

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