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The Pros

This application is user friendly and backed by a great customer support team.

The Cons

You'll have to download a third-party decryptor to copy movies.


After you get it installed, this application is extremely easy to use and produces superb copies.

1Click DVD Copy delivers on its name's promise - it copies DVDs with a single click. It approachable to all users regardless of their technical prowess, but it is especially well suited to those who value simplicity over complexity. No other DVD copy software is easier to learn or easier to use. It's not just a pretty face, either. This application produces excellent copies that are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. The pristine copy quality and gentle learning curve make it one of the best DVD copy software packages on the market.

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This DVD copy software tore up the asphalt in our speed test. It beat out many of the best competitors by as much as ten minutes, transferring a 90-minute movie onto a new disc in twenty minutes.

Some applications can only copy the key parts of the original disc, which often excludes special features. The best DVD copy software, however, lets you copy the entire disc, and 1Click DVD Copy is top-notch. It allows you to copy entire discs, special features and all. It's not obligatory, of course - if you're trying to save on disc space, you can exclude subtitles, menus and other unwanted content.

We also like the scratch-restoration feature. It allows you to create new copies of old, scratched discs. If you would rather not waste discs, 1Click DVD Copy allows you to store videos directly on your hard drive. This strategy is particularly advantageous if you tend to run down your laptop battery - it is more energy efficient to watch the movie from your hard drive than from the DVD drive.

The best DVD copy software packages are defined by their compression capability, and 1Click DVD Copy does a great job. You can collapse the dual-layer cinematic format used for Hollywood releases (DVD-9) onto a cheaper and more accessible DVD-5 disc. There is a slight reduction in quality in order to fit the whole movie on a smaller disc, but 1Click handles the conversion gracefully. If you have a supply of dual-layer DVD-9 discs, you can create identical copies as well. If you like, you can set the burn speed and DVD-R write mode, but these settings are optional.

This DVD copy software has one principal drawback - you have to download a decryptor separately. If your collection includes newer DVDs, you will need something that includes newer decryptor codes. We recommend DVD43, a CSS decryptor available free on the internet. So long as you have the decryptor running, copying DVDs is a quick, one-click affair. You can still copy data DVDs without a decryptor, but you will not be able to copy movies.

With the exception of the decryptor add-on, the installation process is relatively painless. All it takes is a quick download. The installer will walk you through all the necessary steps, but it's pretty straightforward. If you like, you can request a backup CD to keep at home in the event of a hard drive meltdown. You can also re-download the application online.

Despite the extra step required to set it up, 1Click DVD Copy does an excellent job of duplicating DVDs. In our test run, the copied DVD was identical to the original. Better yet, there was virtually no quality impact even after we compressed the files. Few DVD copy software packages compare in terms of copy quality. If you ever need to adjust copy settings to ensure a perfect copy, you can make manual adjustments.

This DVD copy software is easy to navigate for most people. It follows the same familiar format of most Windows applications. The compression options are simple and straightforward, even if you lack a deep understanding of the process. If you are intimidated by technical jargon, don't sweat it - all you really have to choose is the primary language you wish to copy. Leave the rest of the compression calculations with 1Click DVD Copy.

1Click DVD Copy is a streamlined, easy-to-use answer to your DVD copy software needs. It is flexible and thorough, capable of including and excluding content at your discretion. Although it can be difficult to set up because it lacks a decryptor, it is very easy to use. Best of all, it provides unparalleled compression and picture quality.

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