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10 Best DVD Copy Software Products
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Best DVD Copy Software Review

Your DVD collection requires protection. If you've lent one out never to see it again or caught the kids rubbing one on the sidewalk, you know how tragic it can be to lose a movie. They are fragile things. After all, it is very easy to break a plastic disc less than a millimeter thick. Don't buy an insurance policy – buy DVD copy software. With such a tool, you can create backup copies to weather the storms of life and leave the originals somewhere safe.

DVD copy software packages come with diverse feature sets, but they typically share the same core functions: ripping, cloning, duplicating, copying and burning DVDs. Most DVD copy applications support dual and single layer DVDs and are both PAL- and NTSC-compatible. The best DVD copy software can also convert media types for popular mobile devices, including the iPod, Zune, PSP and tablet computers.

Performance varies greatly between DVD copy software packages, especially in burning speed. Bear in mind that burning speed is influenced by your hardware – your own results may not be consistent with ours in terms of actual time, but we found that some applications completed copies faster than others. If you are in a situation where time equals money, choose the fastest application.

If your DVD copy software of choice doesn't come with a decryptor, you're going to need one. Fortunately, there are many options available online free of charge, but you'll have to install something extra. However, the best DVD copy software usually has everything you need already built in.

Look for an application with good compression quality. Most consumer DVDs have a lower disc capacity than the standard Hollywood fare, which means it may be necessary to compress the data. You will be much happier if it compresses without lowering image quality. You can also exclude unwanted features that take up extra space.

Choose DVD copy software with optimal format compatibility. Look for something with DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL and DVD+/-R compatibility. Examine file compatibility as well – you'll want an application that supports DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG, DVD to PSP, DVD to WMV and DVD to 3GP.If you choose an application with a limited range, you'll find yourself hitting the red tape eventually.

Choose a stable software package. The best DVD copy software packages have low or nonexistent glitch-encounter rates. If you choose an unstable application, it may spoil your DVDs in the middle of a burn. (Your originals will be safe, but you will have to throw out the copy and try again.)

Lastly, select an application with a good user interface. It doesn't matter how fully-featured or stable your DVD copy software may be if you can't find the features you are looking for. We tested each product for ease of use to make sure you know what you are buying into. We also examined the download and installation process to identify the level of difficulty.

We recommend DVD Cloner, 123 Copy DVD and 1Click DVD Copy.