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The Pros

With more than 1.8 million drivers and a streamlined interface, updating to the latest driver should be effortless.

The Cons

Customer service is woefully inattentive.


This fantastic software is shackled by inadequate support and help.

It is fascinating how something as seemingly trivial as a device driver can affect your computer in such an extreme fashion. From crashes to slow performance, outdated drivers can wreak havoc on your system. Searching manually for drivers can be about as much fun as dragging your knuckles through gravel. Fortunately, PC driver updater software helps alleviate much of the frustration.

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Providing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) drivers, Driver Checker accesses its vast library of more than 1,800,000 drivers in search of the most current driver for your system, software or device. In total, Driver Checker provides drivers for 9,000 independent PC devices. Driver Checker updates its library of drivers weekly, with all drivers being compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 32- and 64-bit Windows 7.

Not only does Driver Checker back up your driver files with ease, but it also keeps tabs on your scan and download history. You are given the option of having the software update your drivers at once, or if you prefer, you can manually select the ones you want.

Finding 95 percent of outdated drivers, Drive Checker is remarkably accurate. The driver it missed in our testing was one from Dell. In our test scans, Driver Checker also accurately listed all 63 of our installed drivers, which some driver updater software solutions failed to do.

Driver Checker boasts a strong scanning feature that not only lists current drivers and new driver recommendations, but also generates provider information and hardware ID numbers. One of the scanner's most admirable tools allows for working with offline computers. Via an internet connection, a connected computer can scan an offline computer's device. This information can be saved onto a USB enabled device to be uploaded to the offline computer at a different time.

Driver Checker is peculiarly evasive about their privacy policy. While they state they collect their driver files from the original manufacturers, the policy neglects to relate how they transfer files securely. So we're left to wonder whether they scan the files prior to loading them into the database. We attempted to contact Driver Checker concerning their privacy policy, but were met with silence.

If products were judged solely by the effectiveness of their support and help, Drive Checker would find its place next to the tattered shirt in the waste bin. While the company's website offers some valuable FAQs and help files, their lack of email correspondence is distressing. Despite sending two separate emails nine days apart, we never received a response. No confirmation saying they received our questions. Nothing. A lack of chat or telephone support doesn't exactly instill a sense of confidence in this company either.

Despite an utter lack of correspondence and telephone support, Drive Checker is a solid driver updater software package, brimming with accuracy and an incredibly versatile scanner.

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