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10 Best Driver Update Software Products
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Best Driver Update Software Review

Make no mistake about it, finding just the right driver for a specific device is a labor intensive and altogether frustrating task. With many manufacturers' websites being harder to navigate than the Los Angeles freeway system, locating correct drivers is not a task for the faint of heart. Installing incorrect drivers can lead to crashes and sluggish computer performance. Thankfully, you no longer need to endure such aggravation! Driver updating software such as Driver Reviver, Advanced Driver Updater and PC Driver Updater can not only save you time, but also a lot of money. Top driver update software analyzes the manufacturer, family, model and motherboard providing you with an exact driver assessment.

A quick glimpse of driver update software reveals little variation from one piece of software to the next. A closer look however, exposes a few significant differences. Some pieces of software stockpile their drivers from an assortment of sources on the internet and store them on local servers, which increases the likelihood of your drivers becoming outdated, , while others provide drivers on a "cost per download" basis.

Subpar software can install spyware, viruses and tool bars on your computer. You should always look for driver update software that thoroughly scans the drivers for corrupt files and secures their drivers from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Here are a few criteria to consider as you look for driver update solutions:


Any driver update software worth its salt should include a few basic features. The inclusion of a scheduler that performs thorough scans is a necessity, as well is the ability to save current and new drivers. Additionally, you should look for tools that create backups for driver transfer to a new PC and driver tools.


Some driver update tools collect their drivers from third-party sources, which not only increases the chances of your drivers becoming obsolete, but it also ups the risk that they're plagued with viruses, malware and other pieces of corrupt software. Make sure your driver update software sources their drivers from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Comprehensive Scanning

This feature separates inadequate software from elite software. While most free scans provide a list of obsolete drivers, the most thorough driver update solutions produce accurate results while suggesting the best drivers for your particular operating system.


"Congratulations, you are the lucky recipient of a free system scan." These words should trigger a red flag! Any sites offering free scans may be utilizing third-party downloads infested with viruses, malware and other corrupt software. The best providers thoroughly scan their drivers for these insidious pieces of software before passing clean files on to their customers.

Help & Support

Superlative customer service is the backbone of any successful business, and the driver update industry is no exception. Customer and technical support should be friendly, helpful and responsive. At the very least, your provider should provide phone and email support. The implementation of a live chat feature is an added bonus. In an industry as transient as driver updating, your PC driver updater provider should post up-to-date information on their website, keeping you abreast of any software updates.