Disk Doctor's Windows Data Recovery Review

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The Pros

Windows Data Recovery can recover files from missing disk partitions as well as from corrupt and reformatted disks.

The Cons

When the software recovers a file, it changes the file name.


This data recovery application is effective and simple to use.

Windows Data Recovery, created by Disk Doctors, has the ability to create disk images, not only for restoring lost or corrupt files, but for backing them up as well. This recovery software can reclaim files from missing and reformatted partitions. It can also recover files that have been deleted or have become corrupt.

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Windows Data Recovery has several different versions, each of which supports different files, including FAT, Outlook, media recover software, and NTFS. In this review, we have only included information and testing for the NTFS version of this recovery software.

Windows Data Recovery offers three different options: recover your data from disk image, recover your data and create a disk image. In order to recover your data you will need to run one of two scans - either the TurboScan or the File Tracer scan. If you are searching for files from a corrupted Windows partition, you will want to run the File Tracer scan. We used this setting when searching for WAV files and entire music albums, as well as for Office files. We were able to recover all of our lost files during this test.

Unfortunately, when you are searching for your recovered files, you will find that the names of the files have changed. For example, a Word file that you had previously named "Snowmobile Fest 2012.doc" will now have a completely different file name, such as "$jtl4stee.doc." This can create quite a headache when you're trying to find or organize your recovered files. However, Windows Disk Recovery does offer sorting and filtering tools, which come in very handy.

If you find you need help when working with this recovery software, there are multiple ways that you can contact Disk Doctors. They offer live chat support as well as a telephone number. We were happy to find that both of these support resources are available around the clock. If your issue is less urgent, you can always send the customer support team an email.

Windows Data Recovery, by Disk Doctors, offers you multiple choices when searching for lost or damaged files. This version will work if you have lost files to a damaged disk or damaged partition. However, the original file names will be completely different from what you may expect, so plan on spending time sorting through the recovered files list.

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